End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing is a great improvement in quality testing automation. It reflects the user experience in tests.

This book is a complete guide to Selenium tools. Good choice both for begginers and experienced developers.

End-to-end tests just make sure, that the system works fine, saving developer and tester time after all.


If any of this situations sound familiar

application crashed again during important presentation to the customer
testers still fixing old tests and they don't have time for preparing new test cases
the easiest method to reduce testing time is to omit some test cases, that may decrease the sotfware quality
after change in one place of application other functionality brokes
testing takes a lot of time, but you still find new errors
creating application for users from all over the world, you want to be sure, that everything works as you designed on any device

Probably you would like to

show manager or customer, that application works reliably, so develeopment team creates a high
deploy the application and be sure, that it works
transform business requirements into tests easily
design your tests and execute them again and again
increase software reliability by test completeness
enabl testers team to develop all key test cases on time

End-to-end testing

This book can help you to automate testing in your company. It describes a set of tools to begin or develop yourself in the testing art.

You will be able to automate simple manual tests and save time for preparing more advanced tests for different devices (mobile, tablet etc.). You will also easily keep your tests up to date.


Albert Sklodowski

.NET Developer

The most important aspect of software quality is to meet the requirements of the end user. End-to-end testing allows you to validate your software against user acceptance criteria. Adrian Sroka's book is a great tutorial on how to use Selenium to write your end-to-end tests correctly and boost the quality of your software without much effort.

Konrad Kokosa

.NET Developer

Selenium succinctly and without going around the bush. In a fast way you will learn, chapter by chapter, from what Selenium is to how to create a BDD end-to-end tests with the help of SpecFlow. Fully recommended!

Katarzyna Rzążewska

Web Developer

I knew nothing about end-to-end testing before and learnt a lot from this book. The book explains basic concepts and gives many examples, which make this topic easy to understand.

Table of contents

2. End-to-end testing

What is it and why it is important?

7. Location UI elements

What method is the best for you?

12. Page Objects pattern

Pattern for effective test creation

14. Creating test language with SpecFlow

How to include business side in test creation process?

Adrian Sroka

Web developer working on front-end and back-end side. Associated with .NET environment for a long time. Lazy enough to automate the development process on each phase.

Life enthusiast. Passionate of quality, good food, trekking and Frisbee Ultimate.